Safety Management System

Managing safety at a global scale.

Integrated Approach to Safety

Manage safety

Incident Reporting

Safety occurrence reporting aims to improve safety of aircraft operations by timely detection of operational hazards and system deficiencies. It plays an essential role in accident prevention enabling the identification of appropriate remedial actions by prompt analysis of safety data and by the exchange of safety information.


The ADREP Occurrence category taxonomy is a set of terms used by ICAO to categorize aircraft accidents and incidents and allow safety trend analysis on these categories. The ADREP Occurrence category taxonomy is part of the ICAO accident reporting system (ADREP).

Enterprise Safety Dashboards

With identification and response to challenges that may emerge from an organization’s safety data collection and processing system. Enterprise dashboards allows for actionable insights with safety data collection, safety data analytics, safety information protection, and safety information sharing.

Safety Audits

Safety audits are conducted in order to assess the degree of compliance with the applicable safety regulatory requirements and with the procedural provisions of a Safety Management System. They are intended to provide assurance of the safety management functions, including staffing, compliance with applicable regulations, levels of competency and training.

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